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Run 3 unblocked hacked is an amusement game in which you play as a little grey alien. It is a diminutive endless runner game in which the main character is a little alien that goes floating in the space which contains small holes, the alien runs and you have to make it jump over these holes to avoid falling into these pits.Play More Games At Run Games Fun

While running the alien could pick up different items that bring bonuses and scores to the player. As the levels of the game are upgraded, the speed goes on increasing. There are remarkable graphics and visuals have never seen before in Run Games series so far.

It’s a full action game for kids and adults as well. The requirements of this game are patience; skill and true positive energy for gaming, and if the player holds them all, it is very eye-catching for him.

How to play Run 3 unblocked ?

This game requires no specific devices just your touch on the screen is enough, but if you are using the keyboard then you have some choices for controls you can use the alphabetic keys or the conventional arrows located on your keyboards

If you are controlling your character through alphabetic pad then pressing the following keys will give its respective action

  • A=run towards left
  • D=run towards right
  • W=jump

If you are using arrow keys then press

  • Left arrow key= run towards left
  • Right arrow key= run towards the right
  • Up arrow key=jump

You can also pause/resume this game by using the spacebar.

Features of game

Many new features are introduced to this Run 3 unblocked hacked games.

  • It is more interesting, attractive and adventurous than previous versions Run and Run 2.
  • On completing a level, the player is awarded coins that can be used to buy different characters for further gaming purpose. These characters include kid, lizards, skaters, and students; each character has its own unique features for example lizard easily walks over the fragile and slippery floor easily due to its sticky feet.
  • Sounds and music have also been changed in the new version of this game that boosts up the player during the run and makes him aware of the available bonuses and gifts.


The requirements and compatibility of the run 3 game unblocked online latest version are

  • Memory (RAM) 2GB
  • Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich)
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Android 4.4 (Kit Kat)
  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Tested devices for compatibility are Nokia 5, Samsung S4, S5, S6, S7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5.

Game Details

  • Platforms:PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360, Android 4.0,ios
  • Subjects:Free time entertainment
  • Skills:Collaboration, cooperation, meeting challenges with each level, eye speed
    Thinking & Reasoning: strategy
  • Available online: Available online free
  • Developer: Joseph Cloutier who is an American indie developer
  • Technology: Flash

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